We really hope you enjoy using your products and stencils bought from Pop. If you have any trouble using them do not hesitate to drop us an email. If you require your order urgently please contact us and we will give your order priority when processing.  How-to videos are in the making and will be available on our youtube channel soon!

When should I expect my delivery?

We are a small team at Pop and are also working face painters so during busy periods please check the Pop facebook group to check on order updates. If everything for your order is in stock your it will be sent out the same working day when ordered before 2pm.Please send us a message on facebook or text 07824345547 if your order is urgent or next day delivery is required. 

We are based in Scotland, UK. We recommend tracked shipping for deliveries outwith the UK. This allows Pop and the customer to track the parcel and it is usually a little quicker than standard post. If you select standard post, we can not resend or give out refunds if the parcel gets lost.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We now ship your stencils to you where ever you are in the world. We ship from Glasgow, Scotland. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery depending on where you are.

How do I use a stencil?

To apply the stencils we recommend using a damp sponge, dauber, kabuki brush or a small ink dauber. Ensure your sponge is not too wet as this will cause the design to blur. The ideal consistancy of the paint is damp and sticky. When applying the stencil ensure the skin or paint that you are applying to is dry or the stencil will "bleed" colour. 

Please check our Youtube channel or Pop group for tips on using the stencils!

How should I store and display my stencils

Pop Stencils can be stored in a A5 ringbinder. keychain, magnetised/velcroed to the back of your body art set up. Some people use a pool noodle or a baby bottle drier to organise their stencils whilst working. Join our facebook group "Pop Stencils" for tips and advice.

How should I clean my stencils?

The stencils have been designed to be lightly "dabbed" with a sponge so any rigorous cleaning may cause them damage. To clean, rinse clean with soap and water and leave to dry. Any stains can be removed by gently rubbing the stencil with coconut oil or olive oil. On the job I recommend having a towel or cloth on your table to gently rub stencils dry.

Help! I need my stencils for this weekend!

If you have an order that is urgent please get in touch via messager, email or text 07824345547 to let us know. We can post for arrival next day if we have everything in stock.

How safe is cosmetic glitter?

Please note, Polyester glitter is designed especially to reduce the risk of irritating skin, but it is advised to try out a patch test with a small area first with whatever you choose, to ensure no skin irritation occurs. Please be careful not to put  chunky glitter above or too close to your eyes to avoid glitter getting in your eyes, as nothing in the world is 100% safe to put near your eyes! Our fine glitter is suitable for use all over the face but please be sensible when applying near the eye area.

Our customers are responsible for proper usage in his/her particular application. We are not responsible for unsafe or improper usage. Putting anything near the eyes can result in eye irritation. Please be careful.

How should I apply my glitter?

When applying chunky glitter there are a number of ways to adhere to the skin. For a longer lasting application cosmetic skin glue may be used. For shorter periods the glitter can be applied upon or mixed with aloe vera gel or KY jelly. Another alternative is Vaseline. For quicker application you may want to pre-mix your glitter with your aloe vera gel.

How should I remove my glitter?

To remove from skin use makeup remover or cotton pad soaked in water or baby oil. Please be kind to the environment and do not wash your glitter away.

Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

If you are unhappy with your stencil and it is unused please contact info@popstencils.com and we will arrange a return or replacement within 7 days. If your stencil has arrived faulty or damaged please contact us to arrange a replacement.

No replacements or refunds will be issued for any claims made after 7 days from delivery of damaged products that have arrived .

UK customers have 14 days to exercise their right of withdrawal from a distance contract or off premises contract (including internet sales) without the need to justify and at no cost (except supplementary costs) as stated in the Regulations 29 and 30 of the Consumer Contracts Regulations and the guidance issued by the UK government.

Privacy Policy

Pop Stencils are committed to safeguarding your security and privacy. Your personal details and credit card details are treated as highly confidential and we endeavour at all times to respect your privacy. 


Pop Stencils uses the shopify platform for transactions. If you would like more information on how cookies are used when visiting the store please shopify for for details.


Disclosures Of Your Information

Unless otherwise disclosed during the collection, personally identifiable information that may be collected in connection with visitors to this Site is retained by Glitter and Pop does not sell, transfer or otherwise disclose this personally identifiable information outside this company, except where disclosure is required by law. Other Websites

Disclaimer: Visitors to a website can use the information published on it to the extent stipulated in the disclaimer. This document should also state that the website owner does not accept any liability that may arise from using or downloading information from the website.

Please return items to: 32 0/1 Parkneuk Road, Glasgow, G43 2AG  Tel: 07824345547

Pop Stencils info@popstencils.com




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